Here are the key advantages of getting ready for IELTS with Guzel Galimullovna:

  • She has a real and successful experience in taking the IELTS examination. So, it is not just about teaching, it is about sharing her own hands-on experience. Just take a look at her IELTS results.
  • She focuses on all aspects of IELTS - timing, various strategies, methods and techniques of writing, speaking, listening and reading with an emphasis on IELTS peculiarities.
  • Lessons are quite intensive and as a consequence they are extremely effective.
  • She has a huge number of resources that are required for your successful preparation - vocabulary, audio files, up-to-date writing and speaking topics.
  • She is quite flexible and able to adjust her schedule according to your needs. This was a great advantage for me since I always had a tough work schedule. Four your reference, here are some facts from my own experience:
  • In as little as several months of working with Guzel Galimullovna, I managed to get an overall IELTS score 7 on my first try.
  • Attending group lessons, even with native speakers, didn’t help me to improve my results.
  • Only after an additional “crash course” with Guzel Galimullovna I finally got the overall band 8!

To sum up, if you are looking for an effective and reliable way to get ready for IELTS examination, I would definitely recommend Guzel Galimullovna as a very experienced, skillful and goal – oriented tutor. Believe me, every single hour spent on lessons with her is extremely worthwhile.