What is more, English-speaking countries tend to be by far the most developed ones all around the world and it can be extremely advantageous and worthwhile to continue education there or even live in some of these countries. Objectively, the process of searching for beneficial English course can last long and might take a lot of mental effort to choose the most suitable way of education. In particular, I know it because I have been learning this language for approximately 15 years (of course with some pauses), thus I am convinced that I am able to argue about it without any excessive doubts. In the next few paragraphs I am going to describe the best English classes I have ever had and probably all this information will sound like an advertisement, but it is just my personal opinion. Firstly, it is an inevitable fact that only “practice makes perfect” since it is impracticable to become proficient in any field without training hard, however, practice may be different. One of my best friends read somewhere that you can only succeed in the knowledge of a language by improving 4 essential “sections” of it: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. And as I have already got a good grade on IELTS test and I can I certainly agree with him and furthermore, I should emphasize that these things are of central importance in the process of education. Certainly, all these sections are clearly taught during the course and the tutor always tries to do everything she can while explaining to you everything related to the curriculum. Secondly, I would like to say that surely everything depends on you and your consciousness. If you lack knowledge in some part of the language, you must try to reach this goal by all means, for instance, while surfing the Internet or looking up information in educational literature or while socializing with your teacher. Moreover, I might presume that I have summed up my personal efforts supported by incredible pedagogic skills of the tutoe and eventually, all these factors helped me to increase my vocabulary, improve my level of English to a significant extent and as a result to pass the IELTS exam. Hence, it is my belief that learning English with Guzel Galimullovna can dramatically enhance your language skills in every “section”, which have already been mentioned and what is far more important, the learning process will provide you with a great amount of new interesting information about miscellaneous parts of life and you will never get bored while doing your tasks.