It was a rather difficult task to choose the best place to prepare due the fact that there are not many in Ufa. Eventually, I turned my attention to a tutor who was preparing people precisely for IELTS test. The preparation included developing 4 main skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Particular attention was paid to vocabulary. These were very important advantages, as opposed to other courses which offered similar services. At the beginning of the course my level of English was at about Intermediate, my grammar and Reading were rather good but other aspects needed a lot of time and care to improve. By the end, after I had listened to a great variety of listening tests and answered plenty of tricky questions, I improved all the required skills and received the wanted result of 7.0. I am fully satisfied with the course and cannot name anything to improve in the core curriculum. Personal abilities of students differ considerably and it is up to everyone to decide what aspect of their English needs more attention. The only thing I’d like to wish for those who have decided to take this serious examination is that only thru working hard and having invincible will to pass it well it is possible to survive and not to die before the end of the course…. P.S. Don't be confused by the specific sense of humor of the tutor, sometimes it may put you in embarrassing situations:-).